Our Mission

The EDCC seeks to support community prevention efforts in Eastern Dutchess County through the use of the Strategic Prevention Framework to identify and reduce risk factors surrounding youth substance use and to increase protective factors.

Risk Factors include availability of alcohol and other drugs, favorable parental attitudes towards substance abuse, low commitment to academic achievement, and perceived risk of substance abuse. Protective factors include community opportunities for prosocial involvement, family attachment, school opportunities/rewards for prosocial involvement, and belief in some moral order.

Our Vision

A community fully engaged in the health, wellness and success of youth and families in Eastern Dutchess where there exists a shared sense of ownership within and between all sectors to create an environment that supports the evidence-based interventions necessary to prevent and/or reduce behavioral health issues.

Our Values

Caring, compassion, education, health/wellness, respect, civility, responsibility, selflessness and family support.

Our Goals

Short term:

  • Educate the youth of Eastern Dutchess County on the effects of substance abuse via a video, informational materials and a media campaign to reduce stigma
  • Increase perception of harm attached to underage drinking, marijuana use, prescription drug use, heroin use, tobacco use (e-cigs).
  • Introduce prosocial activities to improve school opportunities/rewards and family attachment
  • Implement evidence-based interventions in participating school communities
  • Develop a social norms campaign for participating school communities
  • Host a forum on the Social Host Law

Long term:

  • To create a well educated, drug-free community with lowered risk factors and increased protective factors where perception of harm and reduced use by youth can be measured with a researched survey tool.
  • To build coalition capacity and seek sustainability with the possibility of applying for the Federal Drug Free Communities Grant.